Participating in ModelUN can be a valuable experience for young profesionals, helping them to develop a range of important skills and to become more engaged and informed citizens.


Social events during Model UN will broaden perspectives, promote cultural understanding, and foster empathy towards diverse perspectives while having fun in Baia Mare.


Debating can be a powerful tool for helping young people to develop a wide range of important skills and to grow as individuals.

Rotaract Global Model United Nations (RotaractMUN) is not just a simulation of the UN process but transcends into an actual decision–making process. We provide a platform where young professionals, university students, youths with a passion for change, Rotaractors and Rotarians, the world over, can share their voice on global issues. Every year, we take the decision–making process to a different country and RotaractMUN is organized by a different Rotaract Club. If you are a Rotaract Club interested in this project you can become the next organiser of this prestigious conference in your home town.

Since 2013, we have held successful editions of RotaractMUN in Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia, USA (at the UN HQ), Bulgaria, Lebanon, Turkey, Nepal and India. Please see our history page for more information about our previous editions. Only Rotaract Clubs (one or a group) charted by Rotary International may apply to organise this conference. Also read this short description about RotaractMUN or use it to prepare your application.

If you want to attend the RotaractMUN conference as a participant, please visit the webpage of the incoming editions and register there. Also check our youtube channel and follow us on twitter and facebook.

RotaractMUN is the International Youth Conference of Rotaract Global Model United Nations. It is an educational simulation of the United Nations (UN) where Rotaractors (members of the Rotaract program, which is a youth program affiliated with Rotary International) act as delegates of different countries to discuss and find solutions to global issues.

In RotaractMUN, participants research and prepare to represent their assigned countries in a simulation of a UN committee or agency. During the simulation, participants discuss global issues, negotiate with other delegates, and work towards drafting resolutions that address the issues at hand.

RotaractMUN aims to develop participants’ skills in public speaking, negotiation, critical thinking, and leadership, while also raising awareness about global issues and fostering international understanding and cooperation.


Different Country each year, getting closer to youth around the world.


The voice of over 2000 participants in our MUN events reached the desk of the United Nations


We aim diversity and participants all over the world gather together each time to decide for their future


International Relations and Diplomacy are not our only goal. Medicine, Engineering, Environment are also part of Rotaract MUN simulation topics.


Rotaract MUN and Rotary is making the youth voice herd


Model UN provides you with skills and experience that will help reach the carrier you are looking for


Rotaract is a global network of young professionals and having fun, traveling and working together helps you find a friend anywhere in the world.

Better World

Delegates at Model United Nations are simulating real problems of the world and will propose solutions for a better future of a world to live in peacefuly

Join us at our Model United Nations conference and experience an immersive and engaging simulation of the United Nations, where you will develop critical thinking, public speaking, leadership, and teamwork skills, while also gaining a deeper understanding of global issues, fostering cultural exchange, and building lasting friendships with participants from around the world.